One of a kind mala’s.
your secret ally to rule the world. 

Gemstones are said to be the bones of Mother Earth. Nestled deep within the Earth for millions of years, they hold the imprint of life.  
Mystics and ancient wisdom keepers believed that within each crystal, there is a story and a spiritual message.
People have been drawn to these natural gems as their “secret ally” in a variety of ways—from healings to offerings to protective talismans.

Guided by my intuition, I’ve carefully picked the gemstone beads trusting that every mala gets its destination as meant to be. 

Each mala carries the specific energy to support you in the process of healing, empowerment, or the realization of your intention.
None are the same and therefore as unique as you. 

You can use the mala as a meditation tool or for grounding and soothing purposes. By touching each bead, or by holding the mala in your hands, you can feel the energies connecting with your body and spirit. The beads can also be used for counting or repeating your mantra or affirmation. 

Let the mala be your “secret” guide to remind you of your true nature. Worn as a necklace it also symbolizes the gentle embrace of the royal you.


May the mala serve and accompany you with serenity and style,