#17: Humble Luxury: Gratitude part 1

During the holidays in 2020 I took some time off for “good behavior”. Like many people, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted and was looking for ways to keep things as simple as possible. Being a homebody and an introvert, it means the world to me that my husband and teenage son are very understanding when I prefer  spending time with the three of us, and taking my space to reset. So precious! While resting and restoring my energy, a new idea for the podcast came up: “Humble Luxury” was born.

“Humble Luxury” is a new addition to the MultiWoman & Co. podcast, and symbolizes the feeling of non material wealth, well-being on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, meaningful life gems, and appreciation for the goodness in and around ourselves. The mantra for this series is “expand my world, expand my reality”, and includes our inner and outer life. Every series will feature one life theme at a time in three short(er) episodes providing sweet and simple tips and tools for the practice. If you choose to 🙂

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We start with the first life gem “gratitude”. For this topic, I joined forces with Vinita Salomé. She was a guest in episode #5: Vinita Salomé on gratitude and falling in love with life, in which she talks about growing up and living in three extremely different cultures: Japan, India, and The Netherlands. Being a professional photographer and a mom, she has practiced gratitude for many years through mindful photography, journaling and by integrating Buddhist practices in her daily routine . In this episode, we share our (multicultural) views on gratitude, what it means to us, and how we define gratitude.

In the next episodes you can expect some sweet and simple tools for practicing gratitude; Vinita and I invite you to join us!

How would you describe gratitude? What does it mean to you and how would you define gratitude?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and to connect with you. If you have a moment, please say hi on Instagram via @claudiairagan and @vinitasalome.
You can also send us a voice message or DM – we look forward to hearing from you!
In the next two weeks, we will dive deeper into the practice:
Sunday 24th January 2021: part 2: Gratitude & Life Through Your Lens: mindful photography with Vinita
Sunday 31st January 2021: part 3: Gratitude & The Memory of Your Heart: journaling with Claudia

Part 2:
Gratitude & Life Through Your Lens
mindful photography with Vinita

release: Sunday 24th January 2021

Part 3:
Gratitude & The Memory Of Your Heart
journal therapy with Claudia

release: Sunday 31st January 2021


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