#18: Gratitude & Life Through Your Lens with Vinita Salomé

GRATITUDE (part 2)

In last week’s episode on gratitude, Vinita and I shared our (multicultural) views on gratitude, what it means to us, and how we define gratitude. Vinita has practiced gratitude for many years through mindful photography, journaling and by integrating Buddhist practices in her daily routine; elements she brings in her business as a professional photographer and in her course “Life Through Your Lens”.

You will hear more about the beauty of mindful photography in connection with practicing gratitude and

  • about the moment she fell in love with photography and what made her decide to spread the love.
  • how mindful photography can help redirect the day or even life in a positive way.
  • how practicing gratitude goes hand in hand with mindful photography.
  • why she developed the course “Life Through Your Lens”.

Enjoy the conversation!

Connect with Vinita directly via her website www.vinitasalome.com or via Instagram: @vinitasalome.
Curious to learn more about her course? Go to the website Life Through Your Lens

Part 3 will be online on Sunday 31st January 2021:
Gratitude & The Memory of Your Heart: journaling with Claudia

Humble Luxury – the series is a new addition to the podcast featuring one life theme at the time.

The series is to promote the feeling of non material wealth, well-being on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, meaningful gems that symbolize the beauty and rough side of life , and appreciation for the goodness in and around ourselves.⁠
Expand your world, expand your reality.

Sharing sweet and simple “strategies”, doable tools and inspiration for the realization of a free mind and a prosperous life.
Because a free mind is a joy forever.

Part 1:

Part 2:
Gratitude & Life Through Your Lens
mindful photography with Vinita

Part 3: release: Sunday 31st January 2021
Gratitude & The Memory Of Your Heart
journal therapy with Claudia


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