#27: A year into lockdown: self-care, frustration & my mantra of 2021

A year into lockdown…an unprecedented time for us all
How have you coped? Have you used this time to reflect, grow, or to learn something new?

These questions were asked by the founders of Arnhem Together, the first English-speaking women’s network in Arnhem (The Netherlands).

Last year I found out about this network via Instagram and there was an instant click with the two leading ladies Sophie Kollewijn- Hopkins and Ghanaan Edwards. As an organization, they wanted to do something in the current climate, and act as a catalyst to connect women, and encourage each other to look and move forward in a positive way.

That’s why they launched the online event called SHINE ONLINE: OUR STORIES from 6-23 April, a digital event on Facebook and Instagram.
The event consists of a series of interviews, short videos, and inspiring articles brought to you by a line-up of some incredible women. I could easily write so much more about them, but I’d rather invite you to take a look on Instagram or Facebook, because the energy is infectious in a very good way!! (And no vaccine needed! 😜)

I was interviewed by Sophie, and we talked about self-care, coping with frustration, my mantra of 2021, and how I experienced last year. As you can imagine, I felt excited and honored to be part of this event too!
Last but not least I’m also sharing what’s on top of my list as soon as we go back to the “new normal”! 🥟

Wishing you a wonderful day, and as always looking forward to hearing from you!



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“We are women who are looking to develop ourselves – our identity, our strengths, our dreams. We are of varying ages, nationalities and talents. Many of us have all experienced motherhood and share our advice and stories. But overall, we all have in common the vision to help one another find our strength as women. Together we grow personally and professionally.”
Arnhem Together

Instagram: @arnhem_together
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArnhemTogether
Website: https://arnhemtogether.nl/


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