#26: How to find belonging and practice self-acceptance

On Valentines Day, I had the pleasure to be on the podcast of “Changes BIG and small” with host Damianne President who calls Prague as her current home, but has lived, traveled and worked around the world, including in Japan, India, and Canada.

I feel grateful for this opportunity and to be connected – Damianne has an amazing podcast. ⁠To learn more about her podcast and herself, follow her @changesbigandsmall on Instagram.

If you have a moment, I would love to hear what you think. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or in a direct (voice) message🤗⁠


00:45 – Claudia’s Bio⁠
04:18 – Why Claudia Relaunched her Company⁠
06:27 – Growing up in a blend of cultures⁠
13:37 – Soul searching journey⁠
19:53 – Using journaling to overcome fears⁠
24:24 – 7 Days Journaling Challenge⁠
26:19 – On belonging⁠
32:17 – Claudia’s biggest challenge right now⁠
35:48 – Ways to re-center⁠
37:29 – Invitation/Challenge⁠
41:12 – Having fun⁠
42:25 – Outro⁠

🎧 A transcript of this episode is also available on the website of Changes Big And Small.


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