#22: Abundance part 3: Giving, Education and Finance with Cheyenne Smaal


What are the misconceptions about the money mindset? What sources of income can you create for yourself and your loved ones? Are you ready to receive and do everything necessary to let it all in?

In this third episode, Cheyenne and I talk about the last three essentials for abundance. Giving, education, and finance. I think we can all relate to them since they are more well-known and “accepted” in society.

What I learned through these mini-series about abundance is that it all starts on a subtle and less tangible level, which is believing in the fact that it’s already there. It’s already available.

For me, realizing this, caused a shift in my mind, mood, and emotions in the last few weeks. For starters, I schedule Monday as Mon(ey)day as my new routine. This means that on every first day of the week, I immerse myself in marketing & sales strategies and tactics via books, podcasts, and training. This is also the time to create sources of income by giving and sharing the birth gifts, Cheyenne is talking about.

I never understood the whole concept of money mindset and manifesting, but with my new routine, it makes sense to me now.
Finance is the result of, what Cheyenne calls, the preparation time: time, energy, and love you give to yourself, your loved ones, and the world. And oh yeah, don’t forget to receive as well!

So, enjoy this episode and let it all in! 🙂

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Cheyenne Smaal is a transformation coach in business and personal development, and a public speaker specialized in transpower, diversity and inclusion. In episode number 14 she shares her touching story on how to take your power back after many years of rejection, abuse and surviving.

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