#21: Abundance part 2: Self-care, Self-love and Loved Ones with Cheyenne Smaal


How can we receive abundance with self-care, self-love and loved ones? How do these essentials and practices contribute to abundance?

Today is all about love. Love for yourself and for the loved ones in your inner circle. We know we can’t give from an empty vessel.  To feel and unleash the abundance that is already within us, it all starts with the love and care for yourself. To quote Cheyenne’s words of wisdom:

“Self-love is the biggest practice in life, because we haven’t learned how to do that… Please learn to receive love.”

That’s why Cheyenne Smaal and I give you a gentle reminder of how to put you first on the list. She also shares examples of how she practices self-care and self-love, and how she shares her love with her loved ones.

Let us all be inspired to receive and spread love.


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Stay tuned for ABUNDANCE part 3: Giving, Education & Finance.
Coming up on
Sunday 21st February 2021!

Cheyenne Smaal is a transformation coach in business and personal development, and a public speaker specialized in transpower, diversity and inclusion. In episode number 14 she shares her touching story on how to take your power back after many years of rejection, abuse and surviving.

For more information and to contact Cheyenne, please click here to go to the webpage.

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