#20: Abundance part 1: The 6 essential practices with Cheyenne Smaal


How would you describe abundance? And what do you do to attract and manifest abundance into your life?

For the next Humble Luxury-series we will feature one of all time favorite topics: ABUNDANCE.

For this theme I asked Cheyenne Smaal to join me again. She is a transformation coach in business and personal development, and a public speaker specialized in transpower, diversity and inclusion. In episode number 14 she shares her touching story on how to take your power back after many years of rejection, abuse and surviving.

Since the beginning of 2021, she came up with 6 essential practices to attract and manifest abundance. Cheyenne’s approach is based on the fact that everything is already there for you and that we all are born in abundance, which is the primal energy. And to remind us of this birth gift, she introduces the 6 essentials as a very logical, doable but most of all loving strategy that covers all meaningful and important aspects in our lives. In fact, her strategy has already been proven to be effective!

This episode is an invitation to take the first steps for the 6 essentials, which are:

  1. Self-care              4. Giving
  2. Self-love              5. Education
  3. Loved ones          6. Finance

In the next two episodes we will dive deeper into the practice of the 6 essentials, covering self-care, self-love and loved ones in part 2, and giving, education and finance in part 3.

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In the next two weeks, we will dive deeper into the practice:
Sunday 14th February 2021: Abundance part 2: Self-care, Self-love & Loved Ones
Sunday 21st February 2021: Abundance part 3: Giving, Education & Finance

Part 2:
Abundance & Self-care, Self-love & Loved Ones

release: Sunday 14th February 2021

Part 3:
Abundance & Giving, Education and Finance

release: Sunday 21st February 2021


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