Writing Out Loud

I have been a long time journaler since 1999, when I had a major burn-out including panic/anxiety attacks. My journal was my sanctuary to – sometimes literally – catch my breath. Even in the darkest moments I could feel relief, because there was nobody to judge me. And that alone was the best and safest way to free my mind and heart from feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety. There were a lot of emotions that were bottled up over time.


After the burn-out there were still moments when I couldn’t open up about my true feelings, but I had learned the importance of expressing the full spectrum of my emotions, thoughts and concerns. Not only the bad ones, but also, and especially the good ones. And writing about them is like giving your soul a voice.

21 years later, I’m still a vivid journaler 😊

I love notebooks and I enjoy the peaceful moments of being with myself. Self-therapy, meditation and creativity all in one. It feels like a treat and retreat every single time.

How about you? Do you like journaling as well? And when and why did you start writing?

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