Mantra for 2021

Expand your world. Expand your reality.

Born in Germany from Chinese-Indonesian parents and raised in the Netherlands, I have always been fascinated by other cultures and its customs. In fact, I didn’t feel connected to only one particular culture and was drawn by the diversity of people and their origin.

With the knowledge and insights I had collected over the years, I was determined to dive deeper into the ins and outs of human behavior in general and the influence of the cultural and social environment. This explains my bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

At the age of 23, I was also looking for answers regarding my own family to unravel patterns and beliefs that were passed on through generations. I felt an inevitable urge to look into our family history. Followed by “aha’-moments, I was finally able to understand on a deeper level what caused the invisible wounds and the – hidden – emotional pain I witnessed.

At the same time I believed that being strong meant not feeling and rejecting unwanted emotions, and chose to surround myself with the more outgoing male energy to harden myself to what I thought as a weakness. So, I took a job at a software company to immerse myself in marketing and sales strategies. For over 11 years I kept myself busy in the IT industry, and had already learned to adapt and adjust my behavior to the male energy dominated culture, while protecting my sensitive, and more “feminine” side.

Nowadays, I’m dedicated to guide people on their journey to sustainable joy and happiness through radical self-acceptance. Still being the “undercover” social worker I’m advocating holistic self-care for personal and collective well-being.

“Self-acceptance means embracing your full identity and attracting the joyful changes you want into your life, regardless of age, gender or identity, culture or status. It starts the moment that you decide to stop listening to the “lies” that were told repeatedly and made you feel miserable emotionally AND physically.”

I’m a mom of a teenage boy and married to a Dutchman, who both keep me grounded and remind me of the importance of being unique and united at the same time.