"The world is my motherland. My body is my home."

Gentle World Domination From Within

MultiWoman & Co.

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Being a multicultural and living as a global citizen means seeing and sensing the world differently, and understanding the world on a deeper level. You speak more than one language and therefore are talented in bridging communication gaps. Shaping cultures in your personal and professional life is your talent, but regardless of your roots, you might recognize situations of feeling “spread out”. Whether you’re moving to a new city or country, or in the middle of a life-changing event, or juggling between your head and heart, it can feel lonely or pretty stressful at times.

That’s why MultiWoman & Co. was born.
Out of love for cultural enrichment, rituals, and heart-centered connections with one secret mission: ruling the world with love and compassion. Starting from the inside out.

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best of both worlds

care for your inner & outer world

Explore here what resonates with you. The podcast and blog cover topics such as cultural diversity, family, roots and heritage, motherhood, and reflect what makes our lives truthful with both its beauty and rough facets. If you’re looking for tools and guidance to unlock your truth, beauty and purpose, culture sensitive counseling and journal therapy, might be right up your alley. Or dive deeper in the GEM program for emotional detox.
Your choice. Your time. Your pace. You’re always welcome to return here.

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Mijn schatkist

Gewoon zijn is al moeilijk genoeg. In de afgelopen jaren werd ik steeds heen en weer geslingerd over wie ik eigenlijk ben. Een deel in mij streefde het beeld na van de “succesvolle ondernemer” die haar weg opmaakt naar een imperium en een ander deel...

exclusive one of a kind mala necklaces.
Traditionally strung and knotted
with love and care by Claudia


humane connections

MultiWoman is a community and social company which was founded in 2010 with the idea to connect (with) women around the globe who have an enriched personality because of their multicultural genes, interracial kinship, cross-cultural lifestyle or who are living in different countries for personal, professional, and/or political reasons, and who were adopted as a child. Some concerns we don’t always see or hear are when the MultiWoman feels home everywhere and nowhere at the same time, or when she experiences an inner conflict as a result of family manners and her social environment.

In September 2020 during the pandemic, the company was relaunched with the MultiWoman & Co. podcast to contribute to a healthier, safer, and happier society with more feminine qualities. Having meaningful conversations and listening to what unites us universally is the fuel for MultiWoman & Co. to become a companion in the journey of (self-)empowerment.


She has been feeling it for awhile – that sense of awaking.
There is a gentle rage simmering inside her, and it is getting stronger by the day.
She will hold it close to her – she will nurture it and let it grow.
She won’t let anyone take it away from her.
It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places.
She can feel it down to her very core – this is her time.
She will not only climb mountains – she will move them too.

Lang Leav – The Universe of Us